Tuesday, February 24, 2015

snow flakes and reverie

It's snowing here today, our first "snow day" of the school year. 
Perhaps it's the snow, perhaps it's the time of year,
or perhaps it's that I recently posted pics from Staufen's market,
but my mind has instantly gone to this winding drive my husband and I took 
through the Black Forest.

Schwarzwald in Germany, 
the home of childhood fantasy and fairy tale.
Hansel and Gretel.
Snow White.  Little Red Riding Hood.  
Brothers Grimm.  

Instantly, my mind is swept to this stunning red chapel 
perched in the center of a mountain curve. 

"Stop the car!"

I had to get out.
Suddenly my inner tourist
snapping away through car windows 
was no longer satisfied.  

This little gem beckoned...

a perfect red apple, 
casting its spell.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

winter market

It's been so cold and dreary lately;
I thought tinderheart could use some color.

Fittingly, these pictures were taken just last February
on the town square of Staufen, Germany.
Two mornings each week, vendors roll out carts filled 
with with flowers, vegetables, cured meats, and even some hand-crafted items.

I can't quite say which I enjoyed more,
photographing these glorious delights,
or watching the shoppers fill their wicker baskets
and ride away on their bicycles.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

baby bump

To watch and feel her foal
moving around inside this mamma's belly
was the greatest thrill I have experienced
in quite a while!

Stay tuned...